a bit of summer

This is how grey the sky was until the start of June, there were signs of hope though, like this rainbow.
Gourmet burgers!
Pre-hair cut
Happy hair!
A trip to the beach in St. Ives
Nice and sunny!
I had my last shift at The Wardrobe Theatre for this season.
Yesterday I went to have my last supper with Matilda and Audrey because Tilda is going back home. Even this cute dog was a little bit sad.
Pontooning with Matilda, Audrey and Marie.
Phil and Justin
Rowena, Roxy, Lottie and Corwin came too.
And the swans were plotting. Over and out.


Den senaste tiden sa har jag mest sytt saker att salja men imorse sa gjorde jag en kjol till mig sjalv och tankte pa sypeppen!
Sedan sa har jag ju bjudit pa smygkik ocksa, en av mina favoriter som jag kommer att salja ar denna tulpan klanning och sjomans blus.
I've mostly been making things to sell lately but this morning I felt like creating something for myself so I produced a good old checked skirt in cotton. I've also been teasing you with photos of things that I've been up to and this tulip dress and sailor inspired blouse are two of my favourites.


Today I made some shirred fabric by using an elastic under thread for the first time.
It's not finished yet but this is the front.
Side and back.

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