tuesday again

Jag provar med lite engelska eftersom jag nu varit engelsman i två år och dessutom saknar dem svenska prickarna.
So I try and keep up with Fredrika and her sewing, I have not finished all of the bridesmaids dresses just yet so I got the finishing touches of this top made and actually physically took the time to photograph it. So many things of mine never make it to the archive.
I got the top from my friend who was bored of it and I managed to spill oil or something on it the first time I wore it, so something had to be done. It's way to comfy to be thrown out. Especially since it survived one robe raid. I got the sequins from poundland and I almost used up every single piece, for £1 it feels like money well spent. I drew the shape of an owl with some t-shirt graffiti pencils from topshop, my inspiration was taken
from Burberry's A/W12 collection.
I sorted some colours and shapes, sew every single one of them on by hand...it took some time to get started. After three evenings without watching tv, I was all done!

tisdags pysslet

Finaste Fredrika har kommit pa basta sattet att motivera dem dar sista stygnen pa projektet man skjuter pa for en extra kopp te framfor datorn. Jag hoppar sjalvklart pa och ska bestamt ha gjort fem brudtarne klanningar klara for provning tills nasta tisdag. Idag sa kopte jag min forsta provdocka, ingen stallningsbar, men fran att ha sytt klader till andra genom att bara ha sig sjalv att utga fran sa kanns det har som ett stort steg framat!
Sa har ser provdockan ut i en av klanningarna som bor vara strykta och lite mer precisa innan nasta vecka. Brollopet ar i slutet av maj och jag planerar att jag ska ha sytt nagot till mig sjalv att bara ocksa eftersom jag bjuden...

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