Pretty nostalgic gathering

So last weekend I went with my friends of the Dig for Victory Show to promote next years event at the Pretty nostalgic magazine gathering. It's was your typical rainy autumn day but since most of the event was kept inside the amazing Kings weston house, we all stayed nice and cosy.
Liz and Sam had done a great job selecting some wonderful memorobilia to display on our table. I brought the bunting and the purple dress I made for the wedding I went to earlier this year.
The barrage balloon is our logo since we are in the making of a 1940's mini festival, here is a link to last years.
I had a walk around to see who else was there and found the wedding rooms to be one of my favourites.
Beautiful table settings and cakes.
Some really cool corsets.
mmm, pretty luggage!
In the hallway I found some nicely dressed up Blitz buddies, a lovely bunch of WWII re-enactors.
They took some cool photos in the staircase.
Outside it almost looked like a film set.
The blitz buddies.
Corwin and I had some breakfast tea and toast, for lunch.
When we came back upstairs some ladies were dancing-Jane Austen style.
I had brought some sewing projects and was embroidering and hand sewing redcrosses on aprons for the nurses at the hospital.
I had a great time even though it was a long day. Later in the evening we went to the halloween party and if anyone was wondering I went with the red roses. It seemed the most appropriate!

Postat av: H

Vilken cool grej! Såg verkligen ut som en filminspelning :)

Svar: Det var superfint! :)

2013-11-05 @ 10:43:58

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