Tyntesfield 40's weekend

The summer finally decided to fully bloom on the first weekend of June, lucky for us since we had planned to be outside all weekend all geared up in red lips and nylon! 
Corwin and I were both involved making the promo video for the Tyntesfields annual dance and WW2 weekend, you can see it here: Come to Tyntesfield.
I made some land girl costumes and brought some other things that I've made along with a couple of buisness cards for a table that the organizers kindly let me put up. Lets look at some photos!
The magnificent Tyntesfield house which is a National Trust treasure!
In front the house there was a marquee in which there was lots of activities and awesome cakes.
I made a sailor inspired dress to wear for the day.
The Blitz buddies had such a funny and informational fashion show, I learned all about CC41 clothes and desperatly want one of those nurse capes with red lining. 
Matilda and I were partners in crime and looked after the games outside the marquee for an hour. There were skittles and splat the rat!
Some behind the scenes from before the fashion show.
My dapper Officer.
Me and Sam walking of the catwalk.
Group photo!
Before all of the dancing started.
We danced to 40's music all night and I was really impressed with the number of well dressed dancers, it was such a lovely event and we couldn't have been luckier with the weather!
We camped in the car park and had bacon baps and tea for breakfast.
Then I popped back up to the marquee to sew some badges on to a repruduced royal engineer jacket and chatted to some lovely ladies about the things I've brought with me. I'm already excited about next year I'll put up Corwins sum up video as soon as he's gone through and edited the four hours of footage that he's got.

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Men åh vad fint! <3

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