huller om buller i august and september

Beginning of august was colder than expected so one evening I decided to sort my fabrics into spring/summer stacks vs. autumn/winter. Even though I'm the kind of person who wears summer dresses in the winter too, just with double layers of tights.
Had a look in some second hand shops for more fabric.
Was very surprised to see that Legolas was there as well...
Went to see Bristol old vics outdoor theatre the boy who cried wolf. It was very nice.
One thursday afternoon Rae and I was on a mission to find silk flowers for flower crowns, ended up in birdcage heaven!
Then we went to the sofa project and got some inspiration from abandoned old furniture.
Rae found Dwaine's bling belt.
I hung out with this one!
This is what I ended up with, as well as a tray from the sofa project that I'm going to pimp.
Made coffee at work and tried different patterns because barely anyone came for hours. I call this one "ett moln och en gran".
Adventure time with Corwin.
three new crowns.
I also picked up some felt and decided to experiment.
A spaceinvader and a cat mask.
Kitchen window.
a little bit more kitchen.
Made a new blouse and put button holes in straight away. I always find a reason not to do them, but Ha! I did!
Fell off my bike on thursday and lost a bit of pride.
Made a floral dress to put in my etsy shop as soon as my second batch of clothes is ready, check out what I've got now if you're curious!

Postat av: Elli

Fan vad fina grejer! Älskade också kattmasken!
Saknar dig, hoppas kunna besöka er snart igen, det var så himla fint sist.

Svar: Jag saknar dig ocksa! Tack fina, du ar valkommen tillbaka narsomhelst <3

2013-09-11 @ 22:35:43

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