market findings

Every two or three months Lou Lou's Bristol vintage fair comes around and take over the passenger shed next to temple meads trainstation. I have made it three times so far and last time I ended up coming home with some antique crochet, buttons and two lovely autumnal fabrics as seen above.
There is a mix of crafts like paintings and illustration as well as vintage clothes.
A sneaky photo of a lovely back pack...
There are also some stalls with things for the home.
And when you get tierd and need a some sugar for energy, there is always tea and cake!
Vanilla apple and blackberry cupcake, mmm.
The salon for hair and make up.
I just thought this was cool!
One day I hope to have enough dresses to have my own table and rail, I'm working on it because as much as I would love my things to make it in to a shop, I think I want to try markets and fairs first.

Postat av: Matilda

Wish I was there........

Svar: I wish you were HERE!

2013-10-23 @ 21:22:45

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