fem plus en klänningar

Last Sunday the bridesmaids dresses that I've been working on finally got worn and I even managed to make a dress for myself to wear to the wedding. I haven't got all the photos yet but I wanted to show some anyway.
This is what the bride wanted me to copy as close as possible, colour and style. It took some time to find the right colour but I started to draw a pattern straight away. 
For the first and only fitting as all of the bridesmaids lived far away, I made the dresses slightly bigger in order to make them easier to alter. This dress has not got a zip in and is extremly long since I didn't know what shoes they were going to wear.
This is a close up of the bodices when altered.
Full length photo after the first steam session.
All dresses in bags and on hangers ready to be handed over.
Some photos of the pretty ladies!
I made a dress for myself using some gorgeous silk.I made the top with a knot like this:
3. and a knot on that!
I'm very pleased with my invisible zip as well:
Now you see it,
now you don't!

Postat av: H

Asså wow på alla snygga kläder du syr!!! :) Kikade tillbaka en sida och blev inspirerad!

Svar: Tack fina:)

2013-05-30 @ 20:22:31
URL: http://rainbowcreativity.blogspot.com
Postat av: hanna

jag vill se hela din klänning!åh

2013-06-09 @ 21:23:55
URL: http://explodera.devote.se

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