French seaming a side seam

So for the skirt I made below I used a polkadot chiffon fabric and a polyester lining. I promised that I would show you how I made the sideseams so here we go!
1. First of all I cut two pieces of fabric approximately 50x70 cm of each material.
2. Then I pinned the side together with the right side of the fabric away from each other, so completely opposite to what you usually do when you sew the sides together.
3. Sew a straight stitch ca 0.5 cm from the edge or more.
4. Cut off half of the width but make sure not to be too close to your stitches.
5. Turn the right sides against each other and pin to secure the raw edge into the new seam.
6. Straight stitch the whole way down.
7. Press the side seam flat.
Voila! This is what it looks like from the right side, but still it's just as neat on the inside. This technique works great on thinner fabrics and you can also use it to finish off your hems.

Postat av: Felicia

åh, tydligt och jättebra! äntligen förstår jag :)

Svar: Fantastiskt! Tack:)

2013-08-19 @ 19:57:52

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