Strawberries and daisies

Here is a close up of two new dresses which have landed in my etsy shop. Both are a little bit inspired by the 60's and the second one is obviously inspired by Suzy bishops wardrobe in Moonrise kingdom. You can find both here! 
A-line and 3/4 sleeves.
Hidden zip in the side.
With two darts in the back.
Pretty daisies!
Suzy bishop dress number two, I made a yellow one a while back which I sold to a girl in New york!
I am a lot happier with this one, it's a better fit, the zip goes all the way up to the button and I think the fabric is really sweet with the strawberries and polkadots.
I've just noticed that I'm mixing a lot of red and pink here, oh well!

Postat av: josefine

du är så duktig!

Svar: Tack, vad snallt!

2013-10-03 @ 12:37:21
Postat av: Fredrikapåvinden

Åhh jag tror jag just blev lite kär i jordgubbsklänningen!!!

2013-10-14 @ 23:18:57

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