Sypeppen in october

So this week my sewing machine broke down for good, refusing to ever let the needle go forward again. I was really angry but considering I bought in Lidl about two years ago, I really should have seen it coming. So I've got a new machine which arrived on friday and I haven't been able to unpack it properly yet but this time it's more of a real machine. A Brothers XN2500 tihihi!
About "sypeppen" I have managed to do at least two things with the mind set of upcycling and recycling. Firstly I made a new dressing gown for a friends mother as hers were getting a bit torn. I used the old dressing gown as a pattern and was given some lovely silk cotton with a peacock liberty print to work with.
I do this with a lot of my clothes when they just can't be worn any more. Just cut the skirt or what ever apart by the seams and draw a pattern using all the pieces and then you can make a new skirt in a different material with a pattern you know will fit you!
This is the original, made in Peru.
This is the new one that I made.
The beautiful print.
Pockets and collar.
The secong thing I was thinking that you can do is to do a print on an old t-shirt or top. I used a fabric pen which I bought at Topshop, called graffiti pens and made this Monki top mermaidy.

Postat av: makeityourownelin

Well done! It looks fabulous and so cool:)

Svar: Thank you! Loved the kimono you guys posted recently!

2013-11-03 @ 15:59:51

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